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'Tine Zekis in a black blazer, blue shirt, and large hoop earrings, smiling with arms crossed.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome at Work

The Black Woman's Guide to Conquer Perfectionism, Stop Overthinking, and Thrive in Your Career

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As a Black woman who initially struggled to navigate a white, male-dominated industry, ‘Tine is passionate about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). She helps organizations in the Technology, Education, Healthcare, and Financial industries develop policies and frameworks to support a culture that embraces these values.

‘Tine (pronounced “teen”) empowers women and folks with marginalized identities to confidently navigate their careers and finances so they can build the life they want. She helps her audiences realize that they are not alone in their challenges and that the solutions are within their reach.

About 'Tine

'Tine Zekis wearing a black blazer, blue shirt, and large hoop earrings, smiling.

Christine (‘Tine) Zekis is an educator turned software engineer turned international speaker and negotiation coach.

Through a series of strategic job changes and salary negotiations, ‘Tine was able to double her teaching salary in just two years. She more than tripled her teaching salary in less than five years. Today, she helps Black women professionals change the trajectory of their careers, dramatically increase their lifetime earning potential, and build generational wealth. ‘Tine has helped clients more than double their annual income in a matter of weeks!

Known for her quiet confidence, she empowers audiences to take action toward their goals. Speaking to the inequities women and people of color face, she tackles, with compassion, Imposter Syndrome as well institutional injustices.

‘Tine inspires her audiences to…


  • Step into the belief that they are worthy of financial freedom and success

  • Take meaningful steps to make their organizations more equitable

  • Build an action plan they can begin TODAY


When she isn’t speaking or coding, ‘Tine enjoys crocheting, bullet journaling, and playing with her two young children.

A Black woman with purple headband, black shirt, and gold earrings, smiling in front of greenery.

Speaking Topics

A black woman smiling amongst some trees.

Imposter Syndrome: Slaying the Beast

Imposter Syndrome is a nasty beast that preys on us at all levels of our careers. But there are times when we are particularly vulnerable to its lures. Learn how to recognize the beast when it starts to sneak up on you, and more importantly, what to do about it! You will leave this talk armed with tools for fighting off Imposter Syndrome, and the confidence to strut into your next meeting, standup, or job interview.


Once you’ve learned to slay the beast, you’ll be ready to just slay, in general.

A Black woman smiling in front of barn-style doors.

Imposter Systems: The Structures that Induce the Syndrome

We've spent countless hours talking about how individuals can conquer their own Imposter Syndrome. It’s time to zoom out and consider the structural problems that cause widespread Imposter Syndrome, especially amongst folks with marginalized identities. Only then can we begin to create imposter-free organizations!

You will leave this talk equipped with actions you can take to make your organization more equitable, whether you’re an individual contributor or the CEO!

A black woman smiling in a sunflower patch.

The Three Secrets to Earning the Salary You Deserve

Black women in the US earn 58 cents for every dollar white men make. On an individual level, so many of us have struggled with being the “only” in the room, being underpaid, and feeling unworthy of a high salary. We’re taught to be grateful to have a job and not to rock the boat by asking for more. It’s time to let this outdated advice go and claim our wealth.


If you’re tired of being undervalued and underpaid, come learn the three secrets to earning the salary you deserve.

Four friends standing together in a park

Gender Inclusion as a Verb: Walking the Walk of Inclusion for All Genders

It’s easy to say, “Yes, transgender and nonbinary folks can come to this Women in Tech event” or “All genders welcome!” And we might really mean it in our hearts. But have we done the work to make it true? From the language we use, to the speakers we invite, to the facilities we rent, we can be intentional about creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.


Whether you’re an individual contributor or the CEO, learn the specific actions you can take to make your company, events, and daily interactions truly inclusive for all genders.



Headshot of Julienne Waters

‘Tine’s powerful message is timely and so needed! You should do everything you can to hear what she has to say.

Julienne Waters, Life Transformation Stylist

‘Tine opened my eyes to new possibilities, helped me recognize my worth, and gave me the confidence to always ask for what I deserve! 

Kayla L.

Headshot of Jen Loving

‘Tine’s content is excellent! Her explanations are clear, her stories are relatable, and her calls to action create excitement in the room.

Jen Loving, Business Connection Specialist

After working with ‘Tine, I was able to double my annual compensation! 

Semira A.

Headshot of Ileka Falette

Hearing ‘Tine speak took me back to when I started my career 15 years ago and being the ‘only’ in the room. She gets it. 

Ileka Falette, Wellness & Business Mindset Mastery Coach

‘Tine is captivating and engaging. I felt like she was talking directly to me, even though the room was full. 

Maria M. 

Headshot of Terha Watterson

I have seen hundreds of speakers, and NO ONE is doing what ‘Tine is doing! 

Terha Watterson, CEO-The Mind Body Revolution Inc. & Kids Revolution Worldwide

A black woman wearing a red shirt and pearl earrings and necklace, posing in front of a brick wall.

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Headshot of 'Tine Zekis

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